Nourish offers a personal touch. We are a hands-on company that offers support and services to entrepreneurs to gain momentum with their customers and clients. We care about you and your brand.

Nourish offers a personal touch. We are a hands-on company that offers support and services to entrepreneurs to gain momentum with their customers and clients. We care about you and your brand. Our purpose is to help you develop and nurture your brand and business so it will flourish and grow in the marketplace. Nourish provides:

  • Identity Development
  • Coaching
  • Branding
  • Training
  • Design
  • Events
  • Publishing
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Team Building
  • Web Consulting
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Brand Strategy

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The foundation for the services and products we provide to our clients and members is ELEV8R. ELEV8R is an arcing technology bringing content and method together to provide effective and affordable means to new and emerging brands to convert their ‘analog’ real-world or other strategy, product, service or wellness deliverable to digital process-informed multimedia experience(s).

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?
A rose could not be a rose by any other name.
A rose is a rose is a rose.

1. Your MarkBrand

Your product deserves a name that resonates in the heart and sticks in the mind! Your brand name (ie your MarkBrand) is a vital aspect of your memorability. 

  • Imagine what challenges an effective brand name or naming system could solve today! Fill us in on your art and we’ll do the rest. 
  • We develop unique and catchy brand names that are evocative, and support and introduce your brand narrative, all on their own. 
  • Brand or product names are a specialty for us. We have been developing names, trademarks and product positioning for over 30 years with a wide variety of brands, campaigns and products. A few of the many original product and brand names we’ve developed (that we are allowed to share) include: MarkBrand (name brand terminology) Better Together (Alberta public service brand), Pro-Ice-Cap (caffeinated health beverage), Linus7 (specialized financial software), globar (health-juice bar), Real Food For Life (health and nutrition brand), The Happiness Handbook for Health Care Professionals (best-selling book), as well as our GENR8, Nourish, and ELEV8R brands.
  • Names under development include Fresh Answers In Five Minutes (e-playbooks on team building and social media communications). We are also skilled at developing memorable and easy to recall and pronounce acronyms, like the PERSEUS transformational human resources system and CROMA color-optimized marketing system. We can develop naming systems for product suites and information or training products that provide emotionally evocative, descriptive milestone name series. This can make products both more memorable and easier to learn and use, such as our own PEAK Explorer (Powerful, Empathic, Active, Key self discovery tool).
  • Service includes interviews, market and competitive research, ideation and proposal stages. Developing original product names is one part art, two parts science and three parts imagination. 

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
We are not sure of the answer to that question, but in the case of your product, we ARE sure it is all about nourishment!

2. Your Product

A dynamic and effective product description is vital, and may even BE your product in the case of some training and information deliverables. Today’s market demands responsive products that work across a variety of media at varying price points from zero. A dynamic product is key to your sustainability.

  • How is your product faring in the marketplace? Fill us in on your science and we’ll help you plan and execute the rest.
  • We nourish dynamic, responsive behavior from all kinds of products and services. Products that walk and talk on their own are great!
  • The intersection of physical and informational products is a focus area for us. We have been involved in staging, marketing and distributing at the intersection of physical and informational products for at least 35 years, since the 1980s! Some of the successful products we have created with clients include a revamp of CP Rail’s purchase order system, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year; and the dynamic generation of branch openings for TD Canada Trust. We launched Evian water as a lifestyle experience in Toronto, created multidimensional launches for a wide variety of record labels and albums in the Vancouver marketplace in association with Sony and Virgin Records. We have also helped develop a large variety of fiction and non-fiction stories, books and e-books.
  • We first developed the ELEV8R product experience to convert 3-dimensional products like 3-ring binder and other ‘hard format’ physical products into dynamic multimedia digital experiences, including the GENR8 Explorer, PEAK Explorer and other e-playbooks and forms of interactive media, including interactive forms, video and multimedia.
  • Services include: process tracing, needs analysis, competitive research, ideation and proposal stages. Developing dynamic, responsive products is two parts art, two parts science and two parts imagination.

The market is magnetic and responds to magnetic offers.
Attraction demands that we understand market needs.
Pushing doesn’t work.

3. Your Offer

Having an engaging product offer is not only the difference between one-time and on-going success, it can be the difference between profit and loss! Engaging, magnetic offers are key to business profitability.

  • What’s your offer? Tell us what you’re after and let’s talk. There’s always a way to enhance your brand and product magnetism. Effective, magnetic offers are the secret to sales success!
  • We craft engaging, magnetic offers that seed relationships while developing realistic expectations and generating profitable sales.
  • Profitable product offers depend on having a deep understanding of product and customer sales cycles, including having a clear understanding of distribution channels, costs and competitive influences. It may also depend on being able to clearly articulate your product in the terms demanded by the marketplace, including mechanisms like trial offers, free samples, guarantees, special terms and time-limited opportunities. Price, product and opportunity all come together with your offer(s).
  • We have developed hundreds of successful integrated offer points ranging from under a dollar to six figures. Physical, digital, one-time, recurring, and repeat offers are some of our focus areas. Perennial profits can be generated from certain offers. Others require repeat refreshment and renewal on a cyclical basis.
  • Services include product margin analysis, competitive analysis, ideation, calculation and proposal stages. Creating engaging and magnetic product offers is one part art, two parts science and three parts imagination.

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