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The PEAK Explorer brings together all mental and conversational facets and perspectives constructively.

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Get fresh answers in moments with the Nourish PEAK Explorer report which provides you with detailed insight into your PEAK strengths, your ideal working combination at the moment; including both primary and secondary traits, all in one quick, self-explanatory 2-page report emailed right to your inbox!

The PEAK Explorer provides precise insight to communication and thinking-style strengths and challenges; it helps you see who you are, as well as reliably providing insight to pivot challenges you may be experiencing with others.

Note 1: this form is intended to be quick and easy. There are no ‘right answers’. Choose the selection for each of the 8 questions that feels most honest, not which one you think is ‘best’. There are no ‘wrong answers’ here, just ones to provide you insight into whatever team, communications or group challenge you may be facing right now. Expect your unique 2-page report in your inbox momentarily!

Note 2: your PEAK Explorer can change over time especially if your life is evolving and you are facing fresh challenges. Periodic review of the process is recommended!