March 2022: When it comes to World Events, at Nourish we believe we should make a difference in others’ lives through our daily choices and actions whenever we can.

That is why we have launched a series of new Ukraine titles with uniquely licensed Ukraine themed artwork with our top best-selling interior notebook and journal designs. And, we have launched these titles with a commitment to donate $1 US per book sold, with no expiry date.

We also made a commitment to sell these books at the same great prices of our other titles. That means we are contributing from 40-60% of our author royalties on our Ukraine titled books to directly helping those impacted by the war in Ukraine.

Check back on this page for updates including our proof of donation(s) with the Canada-Ukraine Foundation, Charity Registration number: 898992151RR0001, and other updates.

Ukraine Product Listings, updated Apr 5 2022:

School For Life Ukraine 90:
Gratitude Journal with Quotes & Prompts Notebook 7.99

School For Life Ukraine 366:
Daily Gratitude Journal with Quotes & Prompts 12.99

GENR8 Ukraine Cuisine Selection Brain Paper Notebook 118:
Numbered Pages 8.5 x 11 Grid, Lined, Dot and Isometric Paper Combination 9.99

Novella Ukraine 130: numbered page compact 5.25 x 8 inch journal 6.79

Novella Ukraine 260: numbered page compact 5.25 x 8 inch journal 10.47

GENR8 Ukraine Places 80: 5.06 x 7.81 inch isometric small notebook 7.87

GENR8 Ukraine Places 110: 8.5 x 11 inch isometric paper notebook 9.87

You will be delighted to see that these new Novella notebooks and School For Life journals are not only beautiful, but a joy to write in as well. Like all Nourish books you can write in exhibit the Nourish flourish throughout, including:

  • GENR8 line number systems
  • Decorative Bookplate
  • Page Numbering

BONUS: by buying any of the titles above you get not only the usual excellent value of all Nourish products, but we also contribute $1US for every one of these titles sold for the relief of Ukrainian refugees!

With their colorful, beautiful designs they make a practical ‘double gift’ for yourself or a friend.

Feel good and make a difference today, Nourish!

Support Ukrainian Refugees Now!

Buy any Nourish Ukraine titled notebook and show your support today.


Our Ukraine titled Novella notebooks and School For Life journals are available in over 200 markets worldwide. Click above on your nearest territory and change to your local Amazon store.

Ukraine Flag image, weathered