The Nourish Creator program is developed for anyone interested in being part of a community, and publishing their work—whether in audio, print or other digital forms.

What it is not:

  • Nourish is not a “vanity press” open to anyone with money to pay.
  • Nourish is not a “hobby club” for amateurs who aren’t serious about their business.
  • Nourish is not a “do it for you” service that claims to produce miracles without effort

What Nourish is:

  • Nourish is a shared publishing company focused on professional outcomes and results.
  • Nourish is a community dedicated to its members and supporting their growing needs.
  • Nourish is a way for you to get support without you giving up your intellectual property.

How Nourish works:

Nourish leverages PEAK technology to produce synthesis among members. PEAK technology is a specific, proprietary technology that we own designed to help people understand their strengths and blind spots, along with how best to get along and work productively with others. 

The Nourish Creator program is designed to run at the lowest possible cost to its members. Fees are designed to cover the overhead costs of Nourish, like digital hosting costs, subscription services necessary to deliver member benefits and provide a notional return to ‘the kitty’. The intention is for each member to find their ‘niche’ of contribution so that ‘the sum of the whole is greater than than the parts’.

Nourish also provides for-fee services to individuals and businesses. These services are intended to profit members. Members are entitled and encouraged to apply their professional abilities in the delivery of professional services. In this way, Nourish is both a creator membership and a talent pool membership. All members must subscribe to a similar code of conduct permitting the free sharing of intellectual property including client information in such a way that efficiencies are produced.

As a creator membership, Nourish Creator provides opportunities that include:

  • Provide and receive structured, effective peer coaching
  • Provide and receive regular weekly hosted creator communities including in
    • Health
    • Wealth
    • Creator support including writing and design
    • Other opportunities available (what would you like to see?)
  • Professional publishing services including the opportunity to author and contribute to professional calibre publications with thorough and professional editing, design and publishing, including PR and marketing
  • Residual income on any published contributions you make under the Nourish banner
  • Radically discounted fees on custom services for your own publishing efforts under your own or other labels, including design, branding, editorial and writing services
  • Professional Amazon optimization including keywords, categories and bio services.

As a talent pool membership, Nourish Creator provides:

  • Rewarding volunteer practice opportunities including
    • Peer coaching and accountability reporting
  • Inside access to the extraordinary and uniquely versatile 8th generation PEAK human resources system and tools, including the opportunity to
    • Get PEAK Certification at three levels
    • Develop extensions + new product opportunities in line with your core passions
    • Provide valuable, proven paid Human Resources consulting services including the delivery of the PEAK Consensus building team solution
    • Provide PEAK Coaching services and systems
    • Market and profit by the sales and delivery of PEAK HR systems and services
  • Professional personal brand development focusing on your core interests and passions 
  • Exciting product development opportunities with cutting-edge 8th generation AI technology.

How can you become a Nourish Creator?

  1. Take the PEAK explorer at
  2. Select from one of three exciting opportunities:
Personalized PEAK report and regular newsletter. Inside track news + invitations to leading-edge projects.Earn lifetime residuals.        Access to free and discounted rates on groups and services + residuals.Unlimited author copies of publications at cost (great for promotion).Unlimited access to peer coaching programs. Free unlimited access to writing and creator programs. Earn direct revenue on Nourish business opportunities. Highest rate of residual earnings (up to 60%). Earn percentage of all residuals on all Nourish projects.
Fun, free + easy$23.76 Canadian a month or save with annual prepay purchase: $248.16 Canadian/year*$63.36 Canadian a month  or save with annual prepay purchase: $644.16 Canadian/year.*
Just complete the survey at an in-person interview (this conversation)Complete an in-person interview (this conversation)

* All fees have 5% GST added to the invoice. Monthly payments by credit card will be processed via PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account to join. Annual payment may be made by PayPal / credit card or via Interac.