Brand Tools

Our Brand Building Kits use extraordinary MarkBrand technology and encompass services from all three aspects of Nourish: Nourish Publishing; Nourish Celebrations; and Nourish Registration Systems to encompass and empower all the tools and technologies we have used to create Nourish. The Kit is available in three varieties. One may be right for you now!

Develop an Automatic System, with your Nourished Brand

This is a ‘turnkey’ answer to your brand providing a 24/7/365 personal touch without ongoing work and effort. This product introduces your work to others at a free price point, providing immediate value and seeding interest. Our turnkey Explorer mechanism is far more than a simple auto-responder. Harmonic structure, made-for-you heuristic content and personalized interaction, combined within a veil of privacy, create immediacy, affinity and relatedness. Consultation, inquiry, discovery, design and writing are all included.

We provide an automatic system that demonstrates your concepts, inviting personal interaction at zero marginal cost.

Together, we will:

  • uncover a harmonic that works to demonstrate your concept
  • develop a series of multiple choice queries that provide insight
  • create a custom feedback system that intrigues and excites

Upon completion you will have a(n):

  • beautiful, easy and clear online form that you can send as a link, post on social media, or embed in a website
  • custom ‘backend’ dashboard through a simple Google spreadsheet, allowing you to monitor activity
  • automatic interaction system that expands your brand reach

Create Consensus, Build Community in a Day, the PEAK Solution Way

Community can be the key to your brand’s success. Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202% (2017 Gallup report). Whether it’s employees, associates or experts, we have a proven path to developing extraordinary brand engagement in a day. Extensively tested in the public sector, businesses and non-profit, the PEAK Solution is a facilitated consensus-building workshop that uncovers blind spots, develops new options and rapidly levers the strengths of your community in surprising new ways.

We help you develop new brand intelligence in a day. 30 days of preplanning and preparation, and 14 days of follow-up are included.

You will:

  • get hands-on help to engage your community ahead of your PEAK Solution Day, an invitation-only opportunity to shape and help form your brand through community engagement
  • have a highly engaging, structured and facilitated workshop with breakout sessions leveraging your contributors’ strengths
  • develop an eye-opening new context for your brand by Zoom

Upon completion you will have a:

  • written, synoptic brand communications plan
  • highly engaged, informed and supportive brand community
  • clearly articulated mission, values, vision and purpose

Leave them in your tracks, with your Distinct Personal Brand

Develop your category, your proposition and learn how to focus your niche through five half-hour one-on-one guided coaching calls and weekly assignments.

We help you develop communications traction over a 10-week period with an express brand ELEV8R curriculum.

You will:

  • work with a coach to set up a plan
  • develop & practice your elevator pitch
  • test your message(s) with clients and prospects

Upon completion you will have a:

  • written brand profile
  • detailed gap analysis
  • blueprint to increase your brand influence