Turquoise Dream 365

Travel Reflections Journal for Curious Souls who Wonder

Are you an Inquiring Soul? Are you constantly wondering about life and your role in this world? Then our “Travel Reflection Journal” can assist and guide you in your wonders by bringing more clarity and simplicity to your wonders. It is great to observe the world, but what’s even greater, is to put your thought on a piece of paper. This simple process can bring your perspective to a whole new direction, even YOU can be surprised and fascinated by it.

Life is beautiful! Sometimes we don’t notice all the beauty and perfection of the world around us. The thing is…you just have to look and feel the energy of this marvellous world. Yes, it is that simple! And when you see and realise, take a moment and document your observations in our Journal for Inquiring Souls. We are convinced that you can find a charm even in small thing and appreciate it to the fullest.



  • Thick Journal with 365 pages, will last you for ages
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Numbered pages
  • Inspiring quotes will help you to stay motivated
  • Guide and prompts included

This is how it looks on the inside

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Oh, by the way, do you love the cover of this notebook?

You’re free to download it and use as a wallpaper!