Mauve Madness 366

Travel Reflections Journal for the Adventurous of Heart

Our ‘Travel Reflections Journal’ is the perfect tool to document all the good and the bad experiences that have happened during your journeys and reflect on how they affected the way you think and your life in general. But the most important thing is this is your chance to keep the memories of your adventures for the rest of your life!

You won’t regret having a travel journal!

School For Life Mauve Madness Travel reflection Journal 366

Reach, Recharge, Refocus 

Are you an adventurous person? Do you like traveling? Traveling is, indeed, one of the most valuable and inspiring events that happen in our lives. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the world, different countries..and, believe it or not, about ourselves! Reflecting on your journeys can be an invaluable tool for self-discovery. It is the perfect way to understand the things you’re truly grateful for, what you value and love. Moreover, it is also beneficial to see and comprehend the moments of your journey when you feel sad or stressed. You can learn a lot from all these moments! Not to mention that you can come back to your writings and remember all the experiences you had in small details.


  • Thick Journal with 365 pages, will last you for ages
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Numbered pages
  • Inspiring quotes will help you to stay motivated
  • Guide and prompts included

This is how it looks on the inside

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Oh, by the way, do you love the cover of this notebook?

You’re free to download it and use as a wallpaper!