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We work with our customers in two ways: clients and members. With clients, we provide easy access to our exclusive brand ELEV8R service with no on-ongoing commitment. For GENR8 members, we provide ongoing support and services.

One of our foundational pieces is the PEAK Community Engagement system. To learn more about yourself and witness one form of ELEV8R technology in action, we encourage you to click on the PEAK SELF button.

Most entrepreneurs are deeply passionate about their products and services, but are limited by the lens of their own experience. The Nourish Brand ELEV8R provides a new lens through which to view your brand. This can open up conversations and future opportunities! ELEV8R is different, as it provides a fresh perspective.

Purchasing decisions (especially important ones) are most-often guided by emotion. Given our human desire for stories and drama this means your product must not only do its job well, it must also be positioned (and dressed) for success.

What emotion(s) are your brand, products and services stirring up? It is important to understand both the emotional gap that exists prior to purchase, as well as during experiential use. The first instance is vital to understand for marketing purposes and the latter for continuous product improvement. Today’s market demands continual innovation to stand above competitors. A stale product is a dead product.

Our Process

We help you emerge clearer, stronger, and more resilient as a brand. We provide you with the same experience that we will help you create with your clients, including:

  1. Create affinity and respect, and build powerful relationships 
  2. Communicate process throughout with client and client members, providing central communication points
  3. Develop a consistent voice for the communications
  4. Access individual clients and members’ input, specialties, focus areas, and interests
  5. Consolidate client and member inputs and data
  6. Edit and focus narratives, including historical and biographical
  7. Develop clarity on client’s mission, values, vision and purpose statement(s)
  8. Provide input to tighten communications and structure input around forms, posts, and group communications means and methods
  9. Provide practical strategic input to developing non-competing focus areas
  10. Assist with developing of specific offers including free, online, teleconference, phone calls, emails and samples
  11. Produce and develop paid offers, including for on and offline services, conferences, phone calls, emails and and in-person products and services
  12. Create and build a residual infrastructure and revenue stream

If you have global ambitions, then you need a clear global description. 

We begin by helping you access what you do with a clear, compelling and easy-to-understand, plain English description of your product, brand or service. Describing your category with a limit of only two or three words will provide you with the clarity and confidence to propel your brand to market. 

We can also help you to focus on your clients. Are you asking your customers to adapt to your preferred delivery method? Or are you listening to the market and adapting to your client’s world? This conversation is especially pertinent to those with paper-based or physical products including 3-ring organizer formats and like in-person consulting or coaching. Don’t let your preconceptions stop you from translating or adapting your products or services to a digital market. We can help you do this and expand your base.

Nourish Your Message, Your Talents and Your Income.

Get more ideas published with Nourish Publishing ebooks, Kindle Playbooks on Amazon and Audible. Nourish takes care of its partners with Nourishing News delivered through exciting new partners like Zombie Apocalypse Times and GENR8 Technology Group Inc.

Now Nourish Playbooks are not only an ideal form for employee guidebooks, handbooks, and certain kinds of manuals, they are home to a matching set of proprietary forms designed to elicit valuable community building information. Nourish Forms nourish reader participation; and list-building.

Our new series of FRESH ANSWERS IN FIVE MINUTES ebooks has both promising and practical titles like How To Work With Groups and How To Write A Proper Email and are deliberately designed to connect with Nourish Forms to form delightful and nourishing online relationships with readers.

As always Nourish Publishing has a strong history in the basics of writing and editing for clarity as well as a classic flourish with formatting and design that always produces legible and clear products with a touch of flair.

Your book, with your unique content and your fan-base represent a unique opportunity that only you are in a position to capitalize on. Imagine the difference your information will make in the world with the right publishing support and brand tools applied to it!

You can become wealthy through the path proffered by Nourish Systems including Nourish Publishing’s FRESH ANSWERS IN FIVE MINUTES series of ebooks together with Nourish Forms.

Find out if Nourish is here to help you make your dreams a reality!

By combining sophisticated branding with the art and science of documentation; training, discovery and learning manuals become available to the world and profit you as well. Find out more.

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